Parent Book Club: Raising Human Beings

There is no doubt in my mind that being a parent is the hardest job on the planet.  As parents, we worry constantly about our children’s health and safety.  Add to that, our concern that they grow up to be the best selves they can be: Adults who are confident, interested in the world, able to fend for themselves socially and economically, loved by others and loving in return. Every decision we make as parents is made with an eye to this end result.  And we want our kids to continue to talk with us (parents of middle schoolers are aware of a silent phase) and to seek our advice and companionship.

It is indeed a daunting task and one that I am honored to participate in alongside of you.

Teachers and administrators at 276 work to implement an approach to helping children called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions drawing on the work of Dr. Ross Greene, a child psychologist who was on the faculty at the Harvard Medical School for more than twenty years.  He left that position to create a nonprofit organization called Lives in the Balance. He has found through his experience that working with children on solving problems has more durable results than other approaches.  His most recent book Raising Human Beings is about how parents can create a collaborative partnership with their children.

I am thrilled that Dr. Greene has agreed to speak to our community on the evening of January 19 at 6:30.  After presenting about his work and the ideas in Raising Human Beings, he will be on hand to sign books. You can register for the event.

In preparation for Dr. Greene’s talk, we will have a parent book club at school on Raising Human Beings on Tuesday, January 10 at 8 am in the library.

Raising Human Beings is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Raising Human Beings at Amazon.  If you purchase this book through our school webpage, we receive a donation to our PTA.

Raising Human Beings at Barnes and Noble.